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3zero snooper manual

3zero snooper manual

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3zero snooper manualThe 3Zero also comes with a built-in radar and laser detector. Laser Detection, Radar Detection, Fixed Sites, High Risk Zones - NEW Snooper 4. trap detector device Snooper 3Zero, 4Zero further enhances the experience. New listingSNOOPER 3ZERO, laser detector, speed trap, GPS, Radar. Snooper 3ZERO is a leading speed camera detector that provides advanced alerts.Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. Note that email addresses and full names are not considered private information. Please mention this; Therefore, avoid filling in personal details. The manual is 1,4 mb in size. If you have not received an email, then probably have entered the wrong email address or your mailbox is too full. In addition, it may be that your ISP may have a maximum size for emails to receive. Check your email Please enter your email address. Find out the 3zero's features, how it works and which speed cameras it detects. We also offer a choice of premium delivery, including guaranteed next working day and international. For more information please see delivery information. Hence the name 3 0 - 3ZERO! All three of these technologies in the Snooper 3ZERO speed camera detector are completely legal to use in UK. Please check legality for using in other countires before travelling abroad. If you choose to set your own alert distance you can set the 3Zero to warn you a set distance before each speed camera location. The choice of distance is set in increments of 50 metres from 100 metres and 1000 metres. So that faster you are driving the sooner you will be alerted to each speed camera.

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The Auto Range feature sets the following distances for alerts for the following speeds: When you come into range of a live device using either of these technologies e.g. fixed Gatso's use radar technology, the Snooper 3ZERO will sound an audible alert. However, thanks to the fact that the 3ZERO includes a radar detector, if the red light enforcement camera is using radar technology the 3ZERO will provides alerts to do these too. Systems manufactured by Gatsometer, the company behind the infamous Gatso speed camera are almost certainly serving a dual purpose. To read more about traffic light (speed) cameras click here. The voice alerts confirm the camera type and speed limit, e.g. Gatso, 40MPH. The units screen also confirms this information and provides a countdown from a distance of 1000metres. Updated daily, the AURA database can be downloaded to the device via a PC connected to the Internet with USB connection. It's important you regularly update, as the 3ZERO GPS database is only as good as the last download. Please click the PDF logo below. The manual opens in PDF format. Is this true or will it pick up the signal way ahead of time before it even locks onto you. I use the device anyway, but mostly as a HUD showing my speed, to remind me to keep to the limit. Thank you, and thanks for the website, great information. Focusing on the detection side. A radar beam can be as wide as a dual carriageway as the signal travels away from the source (camera). Laser on the other hand is a very small concise beam, which when it hits your vehicle can be as small as 10cms in diameter. When using a laser gun, the Police and Camera Safety Teams will often target your vehicles number plate (a flat area on your vehicle). Laser detection can and does alert motorists to mobile speed cameras and I would always recommend it ALONGSIDE a good GPS database, not on its own. For example, often the Police will take three readings of your speed over a set distance using a laser gun, in this scenario you can correct your speed as necessary between readings. Stick to the speed limits and you will never get caught speeding again! The advantage of the 4zero seems to be that it has laser and radar detection in addition to GPS but am I right in thinking that mobile speed traps using laser and radar can only be used at specific accident blackspots in which case will they appear on the GPS database anyway. I'd be grateful for your advice. So, you already have radar and laser detection. We use SagePay to process our online payments who are PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, so you have total peace of mind with your personal and payment details. You will need internet access and, in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations, regularly seek out and accept all firmware or software updates offered by the manufacturer. Therefore you will need to know that your vehicle does not have glass that will block or impede the GPS signal. The same advice about vehicle glass applies to radar and laser signals. For deliveries outside of the UK please see delivery information for costs. We despatch orders Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Orders placed before 3pm on those days, will be despatched same day. No orders are despatched on Saturday or Sunday. Click here for further info. All options also appear at the basket pages. Amazon calculates a product’s star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. See All Buying Options Add to Wish List Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. The voice volume is way too low and cannot be heard at all under normal driving conditions. The devise a slightly difficult to set up and little help is offered by the manual as to what each setting is likely to achieve. For example, the manual will tell you how to turn on reception for Ka or X band, but not tell you that there are many things that will set the Ka and X alarms off, which are not speed camera related. Having said the above, the device has not yet missed a single speed detection device, and has provided ample warning of the impending danger. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 May 2015 Can you tell me if it is normal for the unit to take 30 to 40 mins to find the satellites as that's what mine takes every morning and every night when i am driving to and from work. Please try again later. Lyn Grimshaw 1.0 out of 5 stars Please try again later. Please try again later. Feodor Kouznetsov 3.0 out of 5 stars Works fine, but be ware if you have a protective film on the front windshield, the device wont work at all. I mounted it beside the rearview mirrow, where there is no film, it works fine. Another thing is that it doesnt show all the speed cameras, I have been driving around London for a few days, and I was suprised that it didn't warn me of several cameras. I manually stored those, but I believe that when you pay anually to have the database up to date, it should be 100 covered, specially in a city like London. A great function I found, is that it beeps if any ambulances or police cars are near you, if K band is switched on, pretty cool. I hope they get sorted out with the updating, beside this the divice is good, shows 95 of the cameras I have driven past, lets see what happens when I go to Switzerland:) CheersPlease try again later. Please try again later. Martin Tovey 5.0 out of 5 stars Unfortunately confusing and difficult to understand, I am still trying to fathom out what all the different bleeping noises represent and how to set it up for my requirements. It hasn't got a written manual with it, you have to read it on the computer or print it out. The information contained within the Snooper its self will get out of date, to update it on your computer you have to pay an annual fee, which is not reasonable in price after having paid good money for the Snooper itself.Please try again later. Please try again later. Barbara B 5.0 out of 5 stars Please try again later. Please try again later. DaveF1 4.0 out of 5 stars It gives warning of cameras via the GPS (snoopers aura database) as well as warnings of radar and laser via the sensors on the unit. The gps database is very accurate and always warns me of fixed cameras. It will also not warn you of cameras that have been switched off by the council although this makes it very important to update your device regularly. Best to just slow down in case they have been switched back on, and your device has not got the latest update. The Radar detector is very average in my opinion- It does not seem to be very sensitive. This is both a good and bad thing. Firstly, as the sensitivity is low it does not give you all the false alerts other snoopers of old often do (such as the very good but overly sensitive snooper S5-r) which makes the 3Zero easy to live with every day. This is also good because it gives far less false alerts than other radar detectors. It only reads out maximum strength (5 bars) when you are almost next to the radar speed trap. I will add though, that it has always triggered when there is a radar speed trap, and always alerted me to it. Full marks there snooper. The laser detection though is what makes this device excellent. It is by far the best laser device I have ever used. It has alerted me to six live laser traps over the last 2 years- and saved me getting points probably twice out of those six occasions. The device has already paid for itself as far as i'm concerned. I particularly like the fact it tells you what laser device is being used. The device has lots of menus and sub menu's which i like. I have turned off 'schools' alerts, and switched on auto mute so it lowers the volume after the first initial warning. Overall the device is not perfect. GPS is good, laser detection is excellent, and radar detection is not annoying like some devices but very low on sensitivity and does not give you confidence that it will warn you before they get you. But it has always detected speed traps and manages to do GPS and live signal detection all in one very small and smart looking device at a very good price. At ?129.99-149.99 it is well worth the money in my opinion.I contacted performance products (snooper) who are based in runcorn, cheshire. The technicians were excellent and took control of my laptop remotely and downloaded a fix software. I have had no problems since. Customer service was excellent. Some people on here have had a bad or neutral experience with them, but I had a very different experience with them and could not be happier.Please try again later. Please try again later. Paul Boughton 5.0 out of 5 stars Please try again later. Please try again later. Amazon Customer 1.0 out of 5 stars I can drive past a fixed Gatso and. Well its total garbage. I can drive past a fixed Gatso and not so much as a bleep. Zero, zip, nada. On the motor way, it has a hair trigger and bleeps at anything, including taxi and trucks. My advice is to stick an ashtray on your dashboard instead. It may not look nice but at least it will serve a purpose.Please try again later. Please try again later. G. Stoneham 1.0 out of 5 stars A total waste of money and doesn't do. A total waste of money and doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Very complicated operation of menus, with menu feedback baffling, talking of various k-bands and such like. Talk about needing a degree in electronics and radar detecting for the ordinary guy, forget it. This device sucks all round. I have thrown mine in the bin. A waste of money.Please try again later. Please try again later. Neil Mason 1.0 out of 5 stars I contacted Snooper (Performance Products), mentioned to them about the failed bracket, and they stated that I have to purchase a new bracket for ?14.95. As the device is still within it's 12 months from purchase, I will be returning the entire unit to them. With regards to the database, there are many fixed cameras that have been long established and are not present in the system, despite many email's to the company, none of them have ever been added. My advice would be to stay away from Anything that Snooper (performance products) make, Go for a Road Angel, although more expensive, the build quality is much better and they have good customer support.Please try again later. Please try again later.I was also unlucky with the hardware, the display having gone blank on the left hand side shortly after powerup. I decided to return the unit as I found it unfit for purpose. After getting authorisation and returning the unit I heard nothing more from Snooper direct despite many emails. I eventually got a refund through Amazon's credit card which I used to pay for the unit although Snooper retained a ?10 postage cost despite the unit having been advertised as free shipping. My requests for a refund of the ?29.99 database subscription to Performance Products also went ignored until once again Amazon came to the rescue and recovered this along with the ?10 postage fee. Overall my experience was that of poor quality database and hardware and very poor customer service. Full marks to Amazon though for recovering my money.Please try again later. Please try again later.You can edit your question or post anyway. JSFiddle or its authors are not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any kind during the usage of provided code. GPS updates are fed via the AURA database as a download from your PC, while built-in detection provides live alerts to both radar and laser based systems. We despatch orders at 5.30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We need to receive your order on those days by 4.30pm. When possible we may despatch orders received after that time. No orders are despatched after 5.30pm and no orders are despatched on Saturday or Sunday. All options also appear at the basket pages. The Snooper 3ZERO includes GPS, Radar and Laser detection, the ONLY standalone system we sell to include all three! These are the more commonly used mobile cameras that are used by the Police and Safety Camera Partnerships. This is indicated by both the 3ZERO's screen and also via spoken voice alerts, allowing you to hear the information without the need to take your eyes off the road. These locations are identified as a 'Gatso' speed camera location. You can set your own personal pre-alert distance in 50 metre increments from 100 metres to a maximum of 1000 metres or alternatively you can select the 'Auto-Range'. The different alert distances are shown below: The database provides advanced warnings to known fixed and mobile speed camera locations across the UK, Europe and in a growing number of other countries across the world. More information about the subscription charges can be found here or by scrolling down to 'Speed Camera Subscription' further down this webpage. Please see our speed camera detector FAQs for questions from other customers and visitors. Plus if the answer to your question isn't featured, use the online form to ask us for the answer. Alternatively please telephone 01733 777623 Monday to Friday (9:30am-5:00pm) to speak to one of our sales team. Simply mount the Snooper 3ZERO on the dashboard or the on the windscreen with the mounting brackets provided. Power it from the cigarette lighter socket, switch it on and you're ready to go! More information about installing the 3ZERO on a motorbike can be found on page 21 of the manual. We also suggest that you subsequently update at least once a week to ensure you are drving with the latest speed camera database. Minimum subscription period 12 months. However, before using the Snooper 3ZERO outside of the United Kingdom we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you check to ensure that the use of a speed camera detector in other countries is also legal. View all of the genuine Snooper 3ZERO parts and accessories. However when I tried connecting it to my device it didn't work. Can you give me a returns reference please so I can return it? This was from new stock recently received from Performance Products in Runcorn (Snooper manufacturer). It should therefore be guaranteed to be compatible with the Snooper 3Zero.Snooper advise that you must connect the cable to a USB 2 port on your PC. This port is coloured 'black'. A USB 3 port, coloured Blue, will not connect. No Snooper product is Apple MAC compatible, so you must connect to a Windows PC. If you connect to a MAC the cable will not work with the 3Zero. If your subscription has expired that may explain why the cable failed to download any data. Submit your question via our contact page. Logic Modes are NO longer available following a firmware update on the 3ZERO. Read more about the change here. You will need internet access and, in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations, regularly seek out and accept all firmware or software updates offered by the manufacturer. Therefore you will need to know that your vehicle does not have glass that will block or impede the GPS signal. At this product page we state compatibility with specific versions of current internet connection devices, for example: PC, laptop, MAC, smartphone etc.The Snooper official Internet supplier network has been created to protect UK consumers from stolen and counterfeit goods. In addition as an official supplier we have the expertise to provide you with the best before and after sales service. For further information please click on the logo to the right. Plagiarism software in use - do not copy any of our website text, images or videos. Snooper is owned by In Phase International Ltd. Based in Nottingham United Kingdom. Snooper S6900 Navigation In July 2007, Snooper launched its market leading brand Truckmate, providing Professional Satellite Navigation for Trucks and Commercial Vehicles.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please try again later.Please try again.Amazon calculates a product's star ratings based on a machine learned model instead of a raw data average. The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness. Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Love the low profile which does not distract you when driving. Easy to read the display and the audible warning are clearSorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again Sorry, we failed to record your vote. Please try again. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Software updates should be carried out while parked. Read more about the AURA database here. Best camera on the market. Snooper DVR-5HD Snooper STP1400 Snooper My Speed XL Snooper DVR-4HD Excellent staff who answered my queries very professionally. S6810 Ventura Snooper My Speed XL Cobra CPP 8000 Jumpack Snooper 4Zero Elite. Can't get better than that. Cobra CDR840e. Once the The following components come as standard with your Snooper 3Zero: -. Snooper 3ZERO speed camera detector - discover what it does, how it works and what it Learn even more about the Snooper 3ZERO by reading the manual. Get the Snooper snooper 3zero review steve on And finally, more confusion from the user guide. Snooper identify all sorts of different sensing technologies the 4ZERO Elite picks up but they don't explain which The devise a slightly difficult to set up and little help is offered by the manual as to what each setting is likely to achieve. For example, the manual will tell you 1 x Download Software Disc, including the full user manual Please note that you will not be able to download the Snooper speed trap database to your 4ZERO. Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies.Subscribe to our Newsletter to make sure you never miss out. First of all it incorporates a highly sensitive laser detector designed to alert you to all types of mobile laser guns. Snooper's laser detection technology is more accurate than ever, giving longer detection ranges and more advanced pre-warning. Many speed traps such as Gatso cameras and handheld radar guns transmit a radar beam which determines how quickly you are travelling. Snooper 3ZERO can detect radar 'scatter' from these speed traps and provide advance warnings of their position. However Snooper 3ZERO also includes an 'AutoRange' feature which varies the detection range depending on the speed you are travelling. The faster you are going - the longer the detection distance. This is accompanied by a voice warning and then a series of beeps - but only if you are driving over the speed limit. For all fitting enquiries and bookings please visit or call one of our nationwide stores. Our fitters can install your new car stereo, DAB radio, audio visual, speakers, subwoofers or amplifier. We can also help to connect your iPod or MP3 player to you existing audio unit and can offer the best advice on the right in-car entertainment for your vehicle, to further this more we also offer a total 100 custom installation service for demo and show vehicles. So if you have an idea come on in and run it past us, the possibilities are endless and we are never too busy for an enthusiastic chat about our favourite subject. First of all it incorporates a highly sensitive laser detector designed to alert you to all types of mobile laser guns. The faster you are going - the longer the detection distance. This is accompanied by a voice warning and then a series of beeps - but only if you are driving over the speed limit. Register NOW.All parcels sent to this address will be rejected. VAT No: 764391802. The device can tell you what type of camera you’re near, which way it’s facing, and how far away it is. All rights reserved. Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on YouTube Follow us on Instagram Advertisement. Had an accident. Snooper locked away the evidence on the SD card. Sent it off to snooper as they advised and they have been NO HELP whatsoever. Their excuse is the company has been sold!!! They haven't returned my SD card. They have STOLEN it as far as I'm concerned.The time when you need a dash cam the most it is of NO USE whatsoever.We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes.I don't know how I used to drive before this device!I'm very impressed with it. It was easy to set up as I am not very good with technology. I am very pleased and feel it's a license saver !. Will recommend to others. Mrs P AdamsIt’s a fantastic product and is extremely accurate and responsive. I’ve just bought another My-Speed XL for my wife’s car!I am a key worker and drive as a courier driver. The unit really works very well and is easy to set up and up date - bearing in mind I'm 55 and not the best with tech (I also needed help posting this review) but definitely a recommended product. Expect great things for future products.I have purchased a few over the years and my husband is a fan as it keeps him out of trouble and keeps me from nagging him. I use my dash cam to catch those drivers that almost hit me because they are on their phones, I can't tell you the amount of times it happens. Very handy and discreet fits in my car a dream and our Ventura is handy for our motor home as it tells us where stops are for parking up and rest stops etc. I'm very tempted to buy a speed cam for my grandson who thinks he is a boy racer, he would benefit from it a lot. Customer service good can't fault them. Good price for what you get. Thank you everyone. Mrs MThe Snooper has really helped her as speed limits change all the time and this things always tells her if she breaks the limit!The device is a speed awareness aid, that helps you keep within the speed limit not a driving aid that encourages you to speed until you come up to a speed trap. Competitors offer similar devices that cost twice as much and charge you an annual subscription to update. The device is an older design and I think that this is reflected in the price. It has missed some of the 20 mph zones that are set up on most of the inner city routes and around housing estates etc, and is a little slow changing the speed limit, but overall this is an excellent product if used for what it is designed for, very pleased and well done to Snooper for being very competitive. Hopefully a new product design will be offered in the near future. I highly recommend this device and hopefully it keeps on working.Unable to update the speed camera database. I contacted Customer service that was a total waste of time, both items are now in the bin.The Snooper gives the wrong speed limit for MOST OF THE ROADS.It's useless.i paid ?170 for this useless piece of trash. In the past two months I have past at least 5 mobile camera Van's pointing rite at me. Not once did my snooper pick any of them up. I actually turned around three times and past the same mobile van and the unit did nothing. Snooper should be banned from selling this rubbish.Paid ?30 for Snooper to tell me the battery is faulty and can't be replaced but they will give a discount if I choose to buy another new one from them. I've had a Garmin and never had a days trouble take my advice steer clear of Snooper. Oh and I had two windscreen holders replaced as they would not stick to the glass. They come with a windscreen bracket to attach the unit to the inside of the screen and normally power or charge from the cigarette lighter socket. Snooper sat nav products can also be mounted on car specific air vent and consol brackets if you would prefer a more 'professional' installation. Even when mounted in this way though they can still be removed from your vehicle and transferred easily if necessary. Both sat nav and speed camera detectors are completely portable and can be easily transferred between vehicles. These sites will be where the Police often user mobile laser guns or vans and although there may not always be a laser trap at this point the alert informs you that there is a high risk that one could be there. There is also normally aWe recommend that large screen systems are powered continually during use from the cigar lighter power lead supplied. However bear in mind thatPay particular attentionThe unit itself can then normally be velcroed into position on the dashboard or attached to the windscreenNo professional installation is required and the unit can beHowever they are not legal in all countries, they are illegal in France for example. Via a GPS receiver the Safety Camera Alert System compares the exact position of the device and comparesThis state of the art technology alsoWhen this setting isUse the Mute button to turn this function on and off whilst the Snooper isFor further information review the Auto Mute section in your owners manual. Police radar transceivers, including Gatso cameras and RadarHow do detectorsAt 200 yards, the normalSnoopers are extremely sensitive radio receivers tuned to these frequenciesIt is illegal in FranceAlthough Gatso cameras face away from the trafficAs Gatso cameras are positioned in known accident 'Hotspots' advancedOur range of radar detectors can be highly effectiveAnd now the introduction of GPS technologyThe data provided is not professionally managed or verified.At Snooper we are fanatical about the accuracy of our database andIf you really value your license though you will realise it is a smallAnything less than 100 is simply not enough. Most sat navs have an in-built rechargeable battery so do not needFor All Round Speed Trap Protection together with Satellite Navigation we recommend the S8110 Pro Range, S6900 Pro Range, S6810 Pro Range, SC5900DVR Pro Range or the S2700 Pro Range as the answer. This model is state-of-the-art and excellent value. With built in direct Laser and Radar detection, Fixed or Mobile you won't miss a camera. As the devices are portable They are detectable by the GPS Systems such as Snooper combined sat nav systems. The AURA database on the 3ZERO and 4ZERO models will also detect and provide alerts to this type of speed camera. The time and distance Its also referred to as a Speed Violation Detection Deterrent, SVDD. The SPECS system comprises of 2 digital cameras that are at a set distance apart, your numberplate is photographed as you pass each one and your speed between the 2 is calculated. Each of the cameras has infra red beams either side so you don't see the traditional flash as you are caught. These cameras are set at least 200 metres giving you some chance to slow down as long as you see one of them. As you pass they both take a picture and are digitally time stamped.